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 Today we did a Mangalista boar hog for a family over in Luling. This guy weighed in at 418 lbs, at only 18 month of age. And check out the shield on this bad boy! This guy was definitely Mangalista, swallow-bellied type. With over 10 years behind us of handling all sizes of wild hogs, we knew exactly what to do with a shield, it wasn't a problem. We haven't done enough Mangalistas to know if this is common for this breed, but shields are uncommon in most breeds of domestic pigs.


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Here recently we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people requesting the tongue from their slaughter. We have no problem harvesting your tongue or other organs for you! But it also has us wondering how many people know that tongues need to be peeled, and that it isn't something we do. We wash your tongue pretty well, but being raw, we just package it. Here is a video that demonstrates how to peel a tongue, in case anyone has never done it or didn't know it needed doing. Enjoy your meat!

How to Peel a Tongue

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We are pleased to announce that we have signed on to a recurring schedule of on-site processing all of Jim Frank's cow shares. If you are looking for some healthy, chemical-free, grass-fed calf meat, look them up! For every cow share we will be there on site to process and package the meat.

For direct link to Jim Frank's page:

If you are between animals yourself and need a little stop gap to your next slaughter date, go get yourself a quarter or half calf. We can also take your portion to full ground if that's what you prefer, instead of the small young steaks. Or if you live in town and can't grow your own calf, this is an excellent place to get some healthy meat for your family!


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Today was a beautiful day! Out near Lockhart today, we helped a young family take a young bull calf from the field to the freezer. Boneless steaks, boneless roasts, breakfast sausage, briskets, and a whole lot of ground beef to keep their table full.

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We are hosting a calf butchery class! If you would like to learn how to butcher a calf, give us a shout. 

Class is held on Nov 20th, 2021 from 8am - approx 4pm

Learn how to make a clean kill, skin, and gut a 500lb calf. Followed by full cut down to boneless steaks, roasts, stew meat, ground meat, and packaging of all meat, including vacuum sealing and chub bags. Complete class from live animal to freezer/stove ready meat.

Each person takes home 1/4 of calf meat.

$400 per person. Limited 4 person class with 2 experienced butcher instructors with 60+ years combined experience. Location will be on a ranch outside Gonzales, Tx. Address will be provided upon booking.

Full payment due in advance through PayPal.

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