Are you ready to reap the rewards of all your hard work?

Customizable packages tailored to your interests.

We have multiple packages to choose from for just $1/lb for all the boneless steak cuts! All meat is fully labeled and packaged in vaccum seal with double seals. Ground meat products are packaged in 2 lb chub, just like in the grocery store. 

For a complete price list, please check HERE

Cearbhall Home Slaughter Services LLC is a CHEMICAL FREE processor. We do not spray your meat at any stage of processing.

How does it work?

 First, call us! (830)263-2200 

We will schedule you a date that is yours and yours only. On your morning, we will show up at your location with our truck and custom-built trailer. We take care of everything from start to finish! You have your fully packaged meat back before we leave your property.

What do I need?

All you need is adquate cooler space and ice. General rule of thumb is you need twice the cooler space as you have meat, and just as much ice as meat! We will pack it in your ice for you. A typical 800 lb cow will need 3 of the 120 qt coolers. Smaller coolers are fine, but you'll need more of them!

We are completely self contained! We can perform regardless of proximity to utilities.

You need to have your animal in confinement. This is required by the state of Texas. 

Having a tractor or some way of moving your inedibles is helpful but can be worked around.

We have no minimums on size, though we do encourage matching job size to travel distance to maintain economics. We encourage neighbors and family putting in together!

~Please call us sooner rather than later, our booking time varies but can run as much as 11 months ahead of time!
We are good to roll out, rain or shine! 
Please have solid ground for our unit. We do not want to get stuck on your place! Our truck and trailer, while it is just a truck and 20ft enclosed trailer, is very heavy! Getting un-stuck is both damaging to the unit, and takes far more time and effort than it takes us to do your slaughter job!
~ Benefits to slaughtering at Home ~
  •  Your animal never leaves your property. 
  •  There is no shipping stress, no hassle of loading them into a trailer. 
  •  Your animal dies the way it lived: Happy and content at home * 
  • You get to see and participate as you choose in every stage of the process. There are no secrets here! 
  • You can learn as much as you want about the process - we believe in empowering people! 
  • You get all of your meat, and whatever other animal products you want, too. Hides, heads, organs, etc.

 How much meat? 

On average, a 1000 lb cow will generate +/- 400lbs of pure beef (no bones). This can be less if the animal is thin or old. Higher if it is well muscled or fat.

The average pig will produce 50% pure meat - but it takes a big pig to make classic pork chop or bacon sizes! Did you know most pork chops you see in the store come off a 700 lb + pig?

Best practices for home slaughtered meat:

We process your animal so fast that it never has a chance to make it through rigor. You can eat the ground meat and the sausage same day, but it is best to wait a day to eat any of the cuts. This time will allow your meat to get into rigor, and then relax back out, increasing the tenderness of your meat. Take your steak or roast out of the freezer and put it in the bottom of your refrigerator - let it rest there a few days as it defrosts and relaxes, but leave it in the original packaging! This will put a few days of "wet age" on it and increase its tenderness. Once this is done, feel free to brine, marinade, smoke, grill etc to your hearts content!

Farm fresh meat is still on day 1 of it's life. It will stay good in your fridge for up to 3 weeks. Feel free to experiment to find how much age your family likes! Ours prefers 7-9 days.

We have teamed up with a local rancher! 

If you have no clue where to start to bring locally grown, grain-free, hormone-free, chemical-free beef to your table, give us a shout! We can arrange for you to buy a cow from Jim Frank's Farm Direct Meat, and we will go process that cow for you at his ranch. All you have to do is come pick up the fresh, fully packaged, all natural meat that evening!


What's the math? Unbeatable! Often, you can get every cut for one flat rate! (Market value will vary) New York strip, Ribeye, Brisket, Filet, top round, bottom round, rump roast, Sirloin, Eye of Round, Chuck roast, Beef ribs, Fajitas, flank steak, hanger steak, Ground beef, and more! 3 flavors of pan sausage are also available, at just $10 per 25lb batch. Grocery stores can't match that!

We are not selling beef. You will have to buy a share from the rancher, and then we will process it for you. Feel free to gang up with friends to do this. Cow shares are 100% legal! 

Need assistance finding a local grower on your own? Check out our contact page to find a list of local ranchers and homesteaders that have stock for sale. 

 If you have stock you'd like to sell direct, feel free to message us with your information and we will add you to the list! 


Have you wanted to learn how to harvest your own animal at your own home, yourself? We have classes! Check out our classes page  HERE to see what classes we have available. Feel free to contact us to find out when the currently available openings are! 

Be sure to reach out, as classes tend to stay booked out months ahead of time....
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